Halloween Spooktacular!

October 31 – Nicola Milan & the Stray Cat Club perform a special ‘spooky’ show at the Ellington Jazz Club, Perth WA.

Victorian Ladies

A new collection of limited edition prints featuring pretty Victorian ladies drawn in pastel pencil.

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How to Avoid Songwriters Block

How to Avoid Songwriters Block

Three useful techniques to obliterate songwriter’s block, help you finish your songs and get your songwriting mojo back!

Merfolk Cove

Merfolk Cove

Down, down, down in the deep…. A dark poem about mermaids. No pretty seashells or Disney songs here….

Into the Woods

Into the Woods

A hard lesson learned by those who venture where they should not, to prove a point. A dark poem by Nicola Milan.

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Mysterious Woman Nicola Milan
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