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There are times when I often look back at a piece of art I’ve created or listen to a song I’ve written and wonder ‘how on earth did I create that?’ This usually happens when I’m going through a creative hiatus. In otherwords, days when inspiration just isn’t flowing.

So today I have three easy steps for you that I use religiously to find inspiration and get new and fresh ideas for my creative projects. The trick to these three steps is to use them regularly. By creating a backlog of ideas on your phone, in a note pad or just on an image board on your computer it means you’ll have plenty of material to refer to when you need it the most.

As Pat Patterson the songwriter once said; ‘Go forth and create shit. It makes excellent fertiliser for the good stuff’

Happy creating!

Nicola xx



STEP 1 – Go somewhere new

Taking time to move outside our daily habitual paths enables the creative brain to start working by exposing it to new stimuli that sparks off ideas. Travel inspires me, but even taking a different route to work in the morning can jump-start your creativity.[spacer height=”20px”]

STEP 2 – Find ideas from others

I never start creating with just a blank slate. I always reference other artists/ musicians etc for ideas first. I listen to a heap of new music in the style that I want to write a song in and get ideas for rhythms or lyrics or sounds I could use. Its called finding ‘influences’ in the artistic world.[spacer height=”20px”]

STEP 3 – Just start writing

Often the biggest obstacle to creating something new is just STARTING. How often have you thought about what you could create without actually putting pen to paper? I call this ‘blank page syndrome’ and its a sure fire inspiration killer. So, to bump yourself out of this rut, just start writing! Write words, feelings, thoughts, ideas… anything that comes to mind. It doesn’t have to make sense, its just one way of sparking off ideas and getting used to actually producing work. Try it and let me know how you go.


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