3 Song Delivery Techniques To Help You Sound Better


Knowing how to produce a good sound from your voice is only a half of what singing is all about. Knowing how to deliver your songs can take your song from sounding ‘ok’ or ‘nice’ to ‘WOW’.

So today I have three song delivery techniques that will help you sound better.

Nicola xx

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Improve your voice, with as little as 10 minutes practice a day.



  • Maintain your voice and keeping your vocal muscles ‘fit’
  • Developing consistent practice habits
  • Getting the most out of a short practice session
  • Learning how to warm up safely, effectively & reducing vocal tension

Video Summary

Sing it like you speak it

Think about how you would say a phrase as if it the lyrics were simply words you were saying to someone else. Then sing the song with the same rhythm. This is a basic phrasing technique but it can make a huge difference to the feel of your song.

Don't sing the 'twiddly bits'

Seriously, why give yourself so many opportunities to stuff up your pitch? Give the mega riffs and runs a break and learn the core melody FIRST. Nail that and then put in a little bit of embellishment.

Sing the emotion, not the notes

Songs are stories. Moments of emotion captured in time. You need to reflect that through your singing otherwise you might as well be a robot singing perfectly in tune. Its not about the notes (well, yeah sure you want them to sound good) but singing is more about the EMOTION.

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