If you are looking for gorgeous vintage fonts to use to pretty-up your party invites and other design material, here are my 8 of my favourites – and best of all, they are completely free.

Just click the images to get the download.

Nicola x


1. Ecuyerdax

Ecuydax vintage font

The perfect vintage font for all signs and logos. It goes so well with other pretty design elements.


2. Playfair Display

Playfair Display font

Playfair Display seems like a boring font when you look at it out of context, but it is a highly versatile font that is perfect for vintage signage.


3.  Quid Pro Quo

Vintage fonts - Quid Pro Quo

This somewhat scruffy handwriting font will give your invitations an instant authentic vintage feel. Channel your inner Jane Austin with this lovely font.


4. Recorda Script

Recorda Script

This girly font is perfect to sign your name with on invitations for High Teas, cupcake parties and vintage clothing swaps.


5. Geared Slab

Geared slab font

Ok, terrible name but look at how cute it is when paired with other vintage elements.


6. Retro Font

Vintage fonts - Retro

This one isn’t typically glamorous but I had to include it because it reminded me of retro icecream joints with roller skate-wearing waitresses and shiny red booths.


7. Valentina


Simple, classy and gorgeous. Very Parisian.


8. Imprint MT Shadow

Imprint MT Shadow

Because who doesn’t love premium goods?



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