A Thousand Years

Christina Perri Cover by Nicola Milan



I’m about 6-7 years late in posting this cover since it came out, but I heard it on the radio the other day and really liked it, so here’s the cover. Its amazing how one movie can change the life of actors forever (I’m talking to you Twilight) and influence pop culture for years to come. 

One thing that hasn’t changed however, is our love of dark creatures. Vampires symbolise carnal desires (ie the feasting on blood; the very life force of humans), the dark sensuality that surrounds the act and of course, the danger and eternal existence that a vampire leads. Something quite the opposite of frail, mortal humans.

Who here has ever daydreamed about what you would do if you were a vampire? (Hands shoot up.) Would you be a good vampire and help those less fortunate or would you embrace the beast and become a thing of nightmares? Its an interesting topic to discuss and can be quite revealing about your true inner nature and how you would behave… if rules ceased to apply.

I think of the costumes I could wear. I imagine being in a coven residing in an old Victorian-era mansion sipping on ethically sourced blood (hey, I’m a vegetarian after all) and getting away with wearing lacy black dresses with high collars reminiscent of Morticia Addams in sophisticated evening wear. Its one of the reasons I draw the characters that I do. (You can check them out here). I’d have all the the time in the world to work on my piano, write songs and draw… ok and there may be a few parties featuring innocent, hot guys that we get to seduce….

Let me know what you would do in the comments below (its a judgement free zone!)

Nicola x



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