Art Deco Animals

These beautiful art deco animal prints are part of a wall art series features stunning color palettes and fluid gradients. I designed these to create a stylish modern art deco décor look for my home office.

I intended to just draw one of two pieces for myself and ended up falling in love with the style and am still adding pieces to this constantly evolving collection.

Currently these art deco animals are available as high quality giclee prints and look amazing with metallic gold, silver or bronze frames.

Why is Art Deco So Popular?


Art Deco was a design style that first appeared in the 1920’s and lasted well into the 1940’s.

Featuring geometric patterns with bold colours and metallics, the style reflects the glitz and glamour of the Roaring Twenties.

Seen recently in movies such as The Great Gatsby, the style has had a resurgence especially as we move into the 2020’s.

Art Deco comes from the French term meaning ‘decorative art’ and it is hard to resist the glamorous look and feel this style creates. Which is probably why it enjoyed such longevity during its inauguration and why this style is timeless, and easy to adapt to a modern fresh approach.

How Do You Decorate Art Deco?



The first step to decorating in the art deco style (or using this style for an artistic project) is to choose a colour palette. With bold colours, patterns and metalics, it is important to limit the colours you use.

Whenever I create a new piece of art I stick to our main colours; a ‘white’ (This doesn’t have to be white per-se, but the lightest colour in the palette that represents the white), a ‘black’ (the darkest colour), a complimentary colour and an accent colour.

Make sure the colours you choose are all the same level of warmth (ie don’t mix cool and warm tones or moody with happy colours for example).



The next obviously art deco feature is to use a selection of sumptious, glamorous materials. This means using metalics for book shelves alongside soft velvet chairs.

For my home office, I chose a metalic gold bookcase and softened it with warm lighting. I threw a faux fur cushion on to my accent chair and used gold frames around my artwork.



You want to stick to ONE main geometric pattern. Use too many and its like pairing polka dots with stripes. So either have an elaborate table and art deco mirror OR have a beautiful geometric patterned wall paper. Depending on how large your space is, you may be able to have more than one but think ‘less is more’ here.

You can use art deco artwork to create interest and angles for you. Art is much easier to change up depending on your mood than it is to change an entire wall.

How to Use Art Deco Prints


Even a plain white house will take on that glamorous Art Deco feel if artwork is used cleverly. Selecting your artwork carefully is the easiest way to reflect your personal style within your home.

The pieces in this art deco collection are designed to both be stand-alone feature pieces (think a large A2 sized print beautifully framed and placed next to the right lighting) or to be used together to create a gallery wall.

You could mix up these animal prints with other simple art deco geometric pattern prints or simply space them out along your wall.

Important: All artwork on this page and website is copyright. Please do not copy or download without permission from the artist.

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