5 Hacks for Generating That Creative Spark

1st September 2019

Sometimes you just can’t get your creative mojo flowing. 

You know you WANT to write a new song, or get back into your singing practice, or start a new dressmaking project… or whatever kind of creativity you’re into… but if you’re finding it hard to get started, or you’re lacking in ideas then today’s video is for you.

I’ve got five hacks for you that will trick your brain into thinking more creatively… and most importantly generate that all important creative SPARK!

Nicola xx


Create for fun, not just for purpose

It can become very easy only to create when you have a reason. For example, you write songs because you want to release an album. Or you draw because you want something to sell. 

Try drawing or writing just for FUN. It helps build your skills. I drew these cute/evil sea creatures just for the fun of it. The crab is my favourite.  🙂 

Write lots of rubbish

Creating crap is excellent fertilizer for the good stuff. Many successful musicians and artists create more bad work than good… but its only through the practice of constant creation that the good stuff is found.

Keep note of all your ideas

Like I said in the video, there’s no bigger creativity killer than staring at a blank page or blank sheet of music.

So make sure you NEVER have a blank sheet by keeping track of your ideas when you have them.

I use Pinterest to save drawing ideas or pictures I find inspiring. I use my phone to hold over 100 snippets of songs I record into my Voice Memos.

Then, when I want to write something new I just pull out my phone and get some inspo from previous ideas.


Collaborate with others

Two heads are better than one they say. Yep, getting together with another creative friend to come up with a new song or to put on an event is a great way to get more inspiration and motivation.

It won’t work out for every collab you try; you’ll work better with some people more than others, but its a great practice to get into and who knows what awesome concoction you two will bring to life together.


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