Five Beginner Jazz Songs for Singers

Five Enjoyable, Easy Jazz Songs to Sing When You’re Starting Out

If you’ve ever wondered what the best beginner songs for jazz singers are, well then today I’m sharing my top five easy jazz songs to sing when you’re just starting out.  I chose these songs to give you a variety of repertoire ranging from swing to ballads to blues and latin, I hope you’ll enjoy my recommendations and add them to your performance chart book.

You can download the lyrics for all of these songs for free by searching for them online and if you want the jazz chart, download the ‘Real Book’ or head to or similar.

Happy singing!

Nicola xx


Get 10 sing-along tracks with the most common scales and arpeggios that you need to know.

Includes 10 tracks:

1 Major Scale
2 Major Arpeggio
3 Minor Scale
4 Minor Arpeggio
5 Dominant Scale
6 Dominant Arpeggio
7 Blues Scale
8 Major Pentatonic Scale
9 Minor Pentatonic Scale
10 Dorian Scale

Each track has an example then a piano plays the scale/ arpeggio with you to help you pitch each note correctly. Also comes with a handy PDF guide.

Vital Scales 3D image

Here are five beginner jazz songs for singers:



Eva Cassidy (gorgeous version):…

Nat King Cole:…


Julie London:…

Peggy Lee:…



Aurora (very cool version)…

Kurt Elling:…


Joao Gilberto:…

Audrey Hepburn:…



Ella Fitzgerald:…

Billie Holiday:…

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If you have any other beginner jazz songs you feel absolutely need to be on this list, let us know in the comments below. Don’t forget to subscribe to my YouTube channel for more vids like this or click here to hear me sing ‘When I Fall In Love’.

Nicola xx

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