Beginner Scales For Singers

4 Scales Every Singer Should Know


Why scales? Because they are in ALL MUSIC.

You’ll need to pitch them frequently in runs and riffs or when you’re improvising, plus knowing your scales makes you generally a more well rounded and knowledgeable musician. So what are the four scales every singer should know? They are:

  1. The Major Scale
  2. The Minor Scale
  3. The Dominant Scale
  4. The Blues Scale

Yes there are more, but these four are a really great starting point for beginner singers. 

Nicola xx


Get 10 sing-along tracks with the most common scales and arpeggios that you need to know.

Includes 10 tracks:

1 Major Scale
2 Major Arpeggio
3 Minor Scale
4 Minor Arpeggio
5 Dominant Scale
6 Dominant Arpeggio
7 Blues Scale
8 Major Pentatonic Scale
9 Minor Pentatonic Scale
10 Dorian Scale

Each track has an example then a piano plays the scale/ arpeggio with you to help you pitch each note correctly. Also comes with a handy PDF guide.

Vital Scales 3D image

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