About Nicola Milan


Hello friend….

I am a singer and writer of songs. An illustrator of characters and a teacher of voice.

I am a creator of videos, a blogger of words, an occassional poet; spinning tales of dark and mysterious things, and I am all these things, all in one place, right here in my little corner of the internet.

It isn’t easy combining so many loves in one spot, but each holds a piece of my soul and so separate them, I cannot. Instead, let me tell you a little of what to expect….

You could call me a ‘jazz singer’ as love a good sultry tune, but I also like to mix swing and big band with modern grooves, throwing in some hip hop or trip hop vibes and the occasional traditional sounding folk number.

I illustrate what I term ‘Neo-Victorian’ characters. They are all incredibly snobbish and very badly behaved. You can meet them under ‘Art’.

I create singing tutorials to share my love of jazz and music with the world, and I post videos, blogs and other content based on what inspires me. This can be anything from dark, quirky poems to videos on YouTube about 1920’s costumes.

I’m influenced largely by the Victorian Era and the Jazz Age with sprinklings of vaudeville, cabaret, mythology and folklore. All these things spill into my content.

So peruse the pages of my website and I hope something piques your curiosity or brings a smile to your day. If you would like regular updates, join my email list HERE for a fortnightly summary of content I’ve published.

Nicola x

…let’s hang online…

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