‘Crazy’ Music Video Behind the Scenes

Battle lines were drawn and the White Team faced off the evil Black Team in an epic dance-off on March 21st for the filming of my music video for my new single ‘Crazy’. We created a life-sized chess game with actors and dancers playing the chess pieces. I was the evil Black Queen while comic actor Dale Barnard played the White King.

Have a look at all the pics and vids from behind the scenes!

Crazy Music Video

Dale trying to hog my limelight

Nicola Milan Crazy Music Video (21)

Left to right: Shawn Rego, Alyce Moschini, Nicola Milan, Azza Gee, Bethany Weldon

Nicola Milan Crazy Music Video

Commanding my troops into battle

Nicola Milan Crazy Music Video (7)

Flight scene between Chloe Brown (Black Bishop) and Alyce Moschini (White Bishop)

Nicola Milan Crazy Music Video (14)

The Black Team learning choreography

Nicola Milan Crazy Music Video (17)

Director Johnny Ma with Director of Photography S.P Becker

Nicola Milan Crazy Music Video (18)

Dale Barnard (White King) filming close up shots

Nicola Milan Crazy Music Video (20)

Mid filming selfie!

Nicola Milan Crazy Music Video (6)

The cast chilling out inbetween scenes

Nicola Milan Crazy Music Video (9)

Azza channels his inner Aragorn

Nicola Milan Crazy Music Video

Shawn Rego and Bethany Weldon – Little Ninja Black Pawns!

Crazy Music Video BTS

Celebrations at the end!

Cast & Crew


Johnny Ma – Director
S.P Becker – Director of Photography
Morné Becker – Set Crew
Dan Holliday – Lighting
Josh Palmer – Crew
Melissa Radford – Crew


Nicola Milan – Black Queen
Chloe Brown – Choreography/ Black Bishop
Andrew Haning – Black Knight
Bethany Weldon – Black Pawn
Shawn Rego – Black Pawn
Jethro Hardinge – Black King
Melanie Foss – Black Pawn
Sergio Paez Mina – Black Bishop
Katy Astle – Black Pawn
Harry Prastides – Black Rook
Abbey Humble – Black Knight


Dale Barnard – White King
Alyce Moschini – White Bishop
Azza Gee – White Knight
Julie Harrison – White Pawn
Toni Greenacre – White Pawn
Kelly Sheppard – White Pawn
Amanda Crossley – White Pawn
Bev Bennett – White Pawn
Dani Sheridan – White Pawn

Nicola Milan Crazy Music Video (2)

Left to right: Kelly Sheppard, Toni Greenacre, Amanda Crossley, Julie Harrison, (back) Dale Barnard

Crazy Music Video BTS

The White Team about to shoot their scenes

Crazy Music Video BTS

Harry H-Bomb Prastides goes incognito

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