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Whether its due to Covid lockdowns or because you simply prefer not to brave the crowded restaurants on Valentine’s Day, creating a romantic evening for two at home can be a far more enjoyable way to spend time with your loved one.

Here are some of my favourite ideas for adding a little sparkle, glamour and romance into your evening.

1. Create an atmosphere

Dimming the lights, sprucing up a table and cleaning up the house at before the big night is the first step to creating a romantic evening. Its all about the setting and the ambience. Get the big things done first and then add personal touches.


For your table setting here is the recipe to a beautifully laid table, every time:

  • Use a plain white cloth as a base
  • Add a table runner OR placemats. I personally find it nicer to have one or the other. Both creates too much clutter on the table, unless your table is quite wide.
  • Double your plates. Sitting the first course plate on top of your main course plate instantly says ‘special occassion setting’.
  • Add your glassware (crystal is fabulous for adding instant glamour and that Old Hollywood vibe). Just remember to match your glassware to the type of drink you will be having.
  • Fold your fabric napkin, place your silverware nicely in the middle, tie it all together with a satin ribbon and add a sprig of rosemary or lavender from your garden to finish it off. Place this on top of your plates. (It looks divine).
  • Lastly, add flowers or a centrepiece to the table, and voila! Complete.

Candles are your best friend. Even if they are just little tea-light candles, they instantly add romance to the room. The trick here is to replace all your lighting with candles, so don’t just go for the two on the table because that won’t be enough light. Instead, place them around the entire area you will be dining in.
More is more in this case… just don’t burn your house down in the process!

2. Add Personal Touches

Nothing says ‘I love you’ more than when you add special personal touches to the evening. Things that may seem silly to outsiders, but mean a lot to you and your partner. Here are a few ideas you can sprinkle into your evening.



Even if you’re not the world’s best poet, writing a few well thought out words can make hearts go a flutter. The trick is to not go for the obvious rhyme. This is an obvious rhyme: ‘why don’t you go, out to the snow, where I know, the wind will blow‘….

Instead try ‘almost rhymes’ ie stuff or tough and love. They nearly rhyme… not quite, but enough to go together. This gives you access to a lot more words (if you’re doing the rhyming thing) while avoiding sounding cliche.


True, diamonds ARE a girl’s best friend… but so is chocolate cake, or breakfast in bed, or that wedding photo we’ve always wanted to get framed done for us in a beautiful rustic frame created by your own two hands.

You just need to get creative; wash your partner’s car for them, paint a picture, or write them a song.


This one isn’t about washing cars or cooking meals. This is step is all about the little things.

Let them control the remote.

Comment on how well they organise things (if that’s something they pride themselves on doing).

Put little sticky notes up around the house in random locations that say things like ‘hi gorgeous’. This becomes an unexpected treasure hunt for your loved one. Its especially awesome if you write quite a few and hide them well… on a work laptop screen for example, so they see it the next day and remember how amazing you are…

3. Dress To Impress

You’re creating a romantic evening at home, and nothing says ‘occassion’ more than dressing the part. Need an excuse to wear that slinky number you’ve been dying to wear but felt was a little too risque for the jazz club? Now’s your chance!

Gents; go the full shirt with cufflinks combo and why not try out those fancy shoes or a hat you’ve been daring to wear for ages.

 Ultimately, creating a romantic evening at home is about putting in that little bit of extra effort to make an ordinary setting an extraordinary one and to do something nice for your partner. Trust me,  the effort is worth it, especially once the meal is over…. ;) 

Romantic Evening at Home Nicola Milan

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