Creating Album Artwork for Minky G


Tools Used


Pastel Pencils

I love pastels because of how well the colours blend. Its like painting without the paint and the feels like using a coloured pencil.

Faber-Castel are one of the top brands for quality pastels. You can get chunky sticks or fine pencils (which is what I use for high detail work).

Start by getting a few packs of assorted colours then build your material selection from there.  



Drawing Paper

There are a lot of choices for artists paper. Some are really annoying because they don’t erase very well. In other words erasing causes smudging and the paper to ripple or rip. One brand I like which is inexpensive for my every day sketches and pastel work is ‘Eraldo di Paolo Genuine Drawing Cartridge Pad’. I like using A3 size.

Some people like to use coloured (light brown or grey) paper for pastel work but I like using white.


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