Duchess van der Park

An avid collector of vintage fans, she enjoys playing croquet on the weekends.

An entertaining evening…


Louise, Duchess van der Park was entertaining her friends to an afternoon tea of her delicate cucumber sandwiches with the crusts cut off. She was busy showing off her latest vintage fan, a glorious display of albino peacock feathers that had once belonged to the celebrated courtesan Luscious Lucy.

She gave an animated description of Lucy’s attributes and told her friends how it had been Lucy who had first choreographed the erotic Fan Dance with this very fan adding that she had also acquired the steps of the dance with the fan.

She showed them a few moves and they laughed and giggled as she waved the fan and pouted seductively. She didn’t add that she was determined to try out her new found skills and had already booked a slot at a popular but discreet gentleman’s venue.

So two weeks later, it was Louise’s big moment when she stepped on stage to recreate the Luscious Lucy Fan Dance, the headline act. She threw herself into her sultry and sexy moves and was thrilled to quickly see long stem roses and a large number of bank notes flung in her direction. She was a hit, a star, and her confidence rose as she strutted the stage becoming ever more risqué with her fan.

The atmosphere was electric and the audience couldn’t get enough of her. The spot light raked the patrons and highlighted a good looking American up on his feet applauding. He nudged his companion who was shuffling a pile of papers and not at all interested in the divine spectacle in front of him. Some business meeting, thought Louise as she twirled and fluttered her eyelashes at the American. His companion finally looked in her direction and rose a little less enthusiastically with a deepening look of horror on his face.

Louise mistimed her move, dropped her fan and the audience went wild as she ran off the stage of the Rear End Club with her ears ringing with the howls of, ‘Encore!’ Poor Leonard van der Park sat down in dismay. He had just secured his biggest financial deal with the oil magnate by promising him dinner at his mansion the next evening. “How will I acquire a new ‘wife’ in the next 24 hours”, he wondered.

This story written by Judy Davies

Duchess van der Park was created for the Dutch Trading Co in Vic Park, WA. She was a commission piece along with Duke van der Park and other piece to proudly adorn the bathroom doors and lead guests in the appropriate bathroom.

The Dutch wanted plain backgrounds and only print version rather than originals, so I created the Duchess here with embellishments and photoshopped them out for the venue.

Nicola x


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