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“Listening to this captivating and almost flawless album (Forbidden Moments) from Perth singer Nicola Milan is a wonderful pick-me-up after a tiring day.  Milan has that special something which is so often missing from the musical offerings of others ….. uniqueness ! The production of an album can be a fraught process. By definition the best albums are a collaborative effort. Everything about this album exudes quality. The writing, the musicians, and the recording are top notch. Highly recommended!” Bryn Town – 89.1 Radio Blue Mountains

“What a delight it was to listen to Nicola’s interpretation of her own unique songs. Her backing group has every nuance down pat and the notes wafted like clouds over a blue sky as Nicola performed her magic. This young lady is going places and I wish her every success in her endeavors. “ Ron Knight – Jazz Fremantle 107.5FM

“Nicola Milan was a cheeky femme fatale who made people dance on tables and crave to hear that captivating voice once more, even if they do faint from Milan’s own spiciness.” Declan Luketina, Spaceship News

“From the very first song on “Forbidden Moments,” “No Room For Promises” with its slip sliding rhythm, smoky delivery from Nicola and smooth clarinet accompaniment, it’s really hard to put this album down. All of the arrangements are extremely well done and Nicola brings out all of the emotions of each song like she’s really lived through them all. Especially “Love Me More”, I couldn’t stop listening to it. I just hit the loop button, and sunk into the lush sounds of the warm guitar, while I fell in love with Nicola’s soothing, comforting voice. Very few albums ever do that to me, and I already can’t wait for her next effort so she can do it to me again and again.” Review of Forbidden Moments – Rick Jamm, Jammsphere Magazine 

The Waiting Game is a particular highlight. Departing slightly from the rest of the album, it is gentle and folkie. Milan’s lyrics are genuine, her voice delicate and fragile.  Witty, sophisticated and original, it is exciting to see such an intelligent and honest artist and songwriter surface in Australia. Milan’s album marks the beginning of a promising career. – Limelight Magazine

”Milan sings through the rest of the world with her confident alto voice, well-balanced, inside and out. She shows that she can readily compose and sing in any genre or subgenre she chooses whether the gypsy-tinged tango of “The Scent of Her Perfume” or the American stage ballad “I Begin To Understand.” Milan’s is a voice that will be unknown no longer.” – Review of ‘Forbidden Moments’ by C.Michael Bailey,



Jazz-pop infused with trip hop, draped with silky vocals, wrapped in secrets.

Jazz-pop artist Nicola Milan and her band ‘The Stray Cat Club’ perform a riotous blend of jazz, blues, soul and swing mixed with modern grooves and electronic elements, wrapped in silky vocals. Sounding like Caro Emerald meets The Cat Empire, Miss Milan transports you back to a dark and salacious time when cabarets were smoky, dangerous and filled with underworld mobsters, dirty martinis, and deadly women. With songs about lust, love and temptation, Milan’s music takes influence from notorious characters throughout history, movies from the Golden Era and parties straight from the Roaring Twenties.


PUBLISHING CONTACT: ORiGiN Music Publishing, Australia

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