Freaky Little Creatures Collection

The Ags - Nicola Milan

Drawn between 2018 and 2019 is my ‘Freaky Little Creatures’ series of Steampunk Gothic aristocratic, long necked uber freaks with bad manners.

The first I drew of this series was ‘Black Cat’ which started me down a Tim Burton-esque path of drawings with a slightly weird tinge to them.

I drew puppets, witches, ghosts, black cats and well dressed weirdos which culminated in my 2019 Fringe World Exhibition ‘Freaky Little Creatures’.

I love drawing slightly darker art when I’m upset. It makes me feel better, but as I explored this collection I fell in love with drawing beautiful and elaborate Victorian era gowns and costumes. That was what led me to my 2020 collection ‘Victorian Ladies’.

Many of these pieces are available in my shop.

Nicola xx

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