Fringe World Perth, Australia

Opening Party 2017

All Manner Of Oddity…

Ah Fringe. The one time of year when you can walk down the street in pink hotpants and a sombrero and its considered ok. Seriously though, the amountĀ of acts and performances are simply staggering and you can catch a circus performance one night followed by sultry jazz the next and laugh out loud comedy the day after.

One of the best parts about being a performer at a Fringe Festival is undoubtedly the Artist Pass. An access all areas/ get in free pass to all things Fringe. This included the grand Opening Party which I attended with my good friend and backing singer Minky G.

Come with us as we explore the grandeur and weirdness that is…Perth Fringe 2017.

Nicola xx


“Ahoy there Cap’n! I thinks I saw a Pudy Cat!”

“Ah no fair maiden. That’s a walking potato and a man in a Gimp outfit”

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