God Is A Woman

Ariana Grande Cover by Nicola Milan




STEP 1: First I learnt the song, decided which key I wanted to sing it in and how I wanted to play it (ie slow/ fast etc…) 

STEP 2: Next I recorded the piano part into Ableton Live (my go-to recording program).

STEP 3: Then I recorded the lead vocals and filmed it at the same time (what you see in the video)

STEP 4: Next came some backing vocals to add some colour and vibe to it.

STEP 5: Then last but not least, I edited it in Adobe Premiere, adding some colour effects and movement to give it a bit more ambience. This was literally just chucking a colour tint over it then adding a changing light background.  I lowered the opacity of the front video in sections to let it show through.

All up, quite an easy cover song to create. 

Let me know if you liked it in the comments below or if you have any special recording or editing tricks you use to make your own videos look good.

Nicola xx

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Mysterious Woman Nicola Milan
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