How To Be Mysterious


Mysterious Woman Nicola Milan

The Art of Mystery

Let us take a journey into the shadows. Into the hidden secrets of that dark stranger with the undeniable allure.

What is it about them that appeals to us so much…

Is it something a select few are born with?

Is it skill learned?

Is it a game?

The art of being mysterious has in fact, has nothing to do with how rich, or beautiful or well dressed you are. It doesn’t care if you are draped in the finest silks and sipping the most expensive champagne with glittering rings on your fingers.

It sneers at those who think they you can put on a well cut suit, flash a tooth whitened smile and suddenly harness it’s power.

Sure, these are the depictions of mystery throughout Hollywood, and yes… I’d like some silk and champagne, thank you very much… but in order to be mysterious, you do not need to concern yourself with such trinkets.

You see, mystery is created within…

(read on to discover how)



The 10 Traits of a Mysterious Person.

How many do you possess?


1. Confidence.

2. A sense of self worth.

3. You do not need to show off.

4. You do not need to prove to others you are something you are not.

5. You understand yourself.

6. You understand your sensuality.

7. You understand how you make others feel.

8. You listen.

9. You watch.

10. You know that it is what is not spoken. What is not shown, and what is hinted at in an understated, yet deliberate and confident manner that speaks volmes. For these are the secrets of mystery and allure.


It can be challenging to be confident and self assured. Noone said this would be easy… but if you treat others with respect, avoid games at all costs and work on yourself first, you will be one step closer to becoming that mysterious person at the end of the bar.


Some Extra Tips On How to Be Mysterious

Becoming a mysterious person can be accomplished by incorporating several behavioral and stylistic changes. Here are some ways to become a mysterious person:


  1. Be selective with the information you share: Keep your personal information, thoughts, and opinions to yourself. Only reveal information to others on a need-to-know basis. 
  2. Speak less and listen more: This will make you seem more enigmatic and will also give you the opportunity to learn more about others.
  3. Keep your body language reserved: Be mindful of your body language and avoid over-expressing your emotions. Stay composed and in control of your body movements. 
  4. Dress in a unique way: Develop a distinct style that sets you apart from others. Wear clothing that is stylish, but not too revealing. 
  5. Be comfortable with silence: Allow pauses and moments of silence in conversations. This will make people curious about you and will give you an air of mystery. 
  6. Be elusive: Be hard to pin down and always keep people guessing about your whereabouts, schedule, and activities.
  7. Cultivate an air of confidence: Confidence can be mysterious and alluring. Speak with purpose and authority, but without revealing too much about yourself. 
  8. Remember, being mysterious should not involve being rude or dismissive. It is about creating a sense of intrigue and allure around yourself, while still being respectful and kind to others.


and in her eyes swim, a thousand secrets that will never pass her lips…


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