How to Learn New Songs and Make Them Your Own


Learn to sing new songs fast, and sing them YOUR way in today’s tutorial. I’ll break down five steps that will help to you learn a new song and discover ways to re-arrange it so it sounds like your own version rather than just a copy of the original.

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 Here’s how to learn new songs and make them your own


1. Use the lyrics. To get the general feel for a song, put it on and sing along with the artist, but make sure you grab the lyrics and read them as you sing so you can’t make mistakes. Listen and sing to it a few times until the general melody and some of the lyrics are in your head.

2. Then transcribe it, ie work out the chords and melody by ear, or grab the chords online. This is where having an instrument comes in handy. If you can play the chords, then you can change the rhythm, the tempo, arrange the chords and start to make this song your own. You start can do this even with basic playing skills.

3. Sing along while you play the chords. This will help you to really learn the melody and lyrics because it will be obvious which you dont yet know as soon as you take the backing singer away. You can also try this with a karaoke track.

4. Change the melody a bit. Start messing around with the song ie: Use the same chords but mix up the melody. Have a go at improvising but remember to keep it simple! Use the same chords but try a different groove or tempo. This can dramatically change how a song sounds.

5. Change or add chords. Quite often pop songs can easily be enriched by adding extensions to the chords, adding in a passing chord (ie ii V I instead of V I). The better your skills are, the more you will be able to get involved in this step.

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