How To Stand Out At Your Audition

Five tried and tested strategies for singers


Have an audition coming up? Feeling nervous about how well you will sing on the day? Worrying about which song you’ll sing, what you will wear and how you’ll look in front of the judges? Never fear my friend, because today I’ve got you covered.

I’ve put together five of my best strategies that will help you stand out at your audition…. and not suck. These are tried and tested techniques used by Yours Truly over the years. 

So get ready to SMASH it!!!

Nicola xx

Here are 5 steps to help you stand out at an audition.


1. Make a good first impression

It’s all about confidence. The judges will decide what they think about you within the first five seconds of seeing you. Yep, this is before you even open your mouth to sing. This means, the way you walk into your audition really counts!

Is your head up, shoulders back and are you walking in with confidence? Or are you slumped over, looking at your feet and appearing as nervous as a snowman on a sunny day? First impressions count, so practice walking into the room and flashing a smile at the judges. It will help!


2. Look the part

Just like first impressions, your appearance counts. A LOT. Yeah, so you’ve seen singers on TV schlepping into an audition in their sweat pants with their hair all scruffed up and still getting the gig…. well, sorry to tell you, but this is not the norm.

As much as we wish it wasn’t the way, humans judge eachother on how we look which means the easiest way to get one up on your competition is to scrub up, brush your hair and put on some decent threads.


3. Pick the right song

HUGE! This is HUGE people. Picking the right song means choosing something that plays to your strengths. Pick a song that sits right in your ‘Magic Zone’ (we talk about this inside my Academy) and doesn’t have all the notes sitting either in just your head or chest voice.

Pick something you are comfortable singing and something you know really well, so you don’t have to worry about remembering lyrics or hitting that ‘really difficult high note’ in the audition. Make your life easy, and choose correctly.


4. Leave a business card

It costs very little to create a cute looking business card these days. Leaving a small card that has your name and contact details on it is a great way to be remembered. Think about it… no business person would ever leave a networking session or important meeting without handing over their card, so why would you?

A business card makes you seem professional and organised. (Important note: No, they do not need your entire release catalogue, signed poster and full artist biography) Want them to hear your music? Just leave your website or a link on the card where they can listen if they want.


5. Cut out the long intro or solo on your backing track.

Ok… admittedly, I fell into this trap myself. I was doing a performance for a variety show and I was supposed to sing my song over a backing track. ‘Easy!” I thought to myself and picked a favourite song, put on a cute dress and I thought that was all I needed to do.


The first half of the song went well… quick little intro as I walked up to the mic, I sang my bit and then……. enter the long solo section.

Yep, I’d forgotten to cut it out of the track, which meant I had nothing to do but twiddle my fingers looking awkward up on stage, all by myself while the music played on. I hadn’t rehearsed a dance to fill the space or any actions (my huge oversight) and so it just felt super crappy until the vocal section came back in and I could sing again. Learn from my mistake, my friend. I speak from experience when I say that standing on stage, alone, with the audience staring as you as you look stupid… sure ain’t pretty….

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