I Wrote A Song In 30 Minutes

‘Follow a simple method, develop good habits’


Your next song is only 30 minutes away. Don’t believe me? Well in today’s video I’m going to write a completely new song in just 30 minutes and I’ll give you some speed songwriting hacks along the way.

The point of this vid isn’t so much the song, its to show you that you don’t need a big flash of genius or to wait for inspiration to flow in order to create something. Its about building habits and using tools to get the work done.

No, I don’t think this is my best song, but it still turned out pretty decent and I’ve now got a brand new song to add to my jazz cafe gigging repertoire.

Full song starts at 7:58

Nicola xx

Little songwriting note if you watched the video; this song ended up coming out as an AB song, not an AABA song in the end (song structure).  Lyrics below!

Speed Songwriting Hacks

1. Pick a song form

Decide whether you’ll write an AABA song, a ‘verse, verse, chorus, bridge, verse, chorus’ song etc… and stick to that road map.


2. Pick an easy chord progression

Choose a chord progression to dump a melody over. Any chord progression. Just keep it simple and you can alter it later if you need to.


3. Pick a groove to ‘noodle’ over

It’s a lot easier to come up with catchy melodies if you have a beat (aka groove) to work with. Some just come up with a simple rhythm and record it using your chord progression on your phone and sing over it until you hear something you like.


Did you like this video? If this helped you or you have another speed songwriting hack that you’d like to share, let me know in the comments below.

How to like being alone

Less Lonely

Music & lyrics by Nicola Milan

You’re holding my hand, our toes in the sand, we’re walking along by the shore.

But although you’re there, my soul still feels bare, I’ve not been this lonely before.

Somethings don’t fit, though you’d never admit, it’s time for us to let go.

And so with a sigh, I’ll kiss you goodbye and we’ll take our next steps on our own.

And we’ll both be less lonely, both be less lonely alone.

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