Into the Woods


How I Created ‘Into the Woods’.


I love creating these short, cool little poems. Some end up being a bit dark, some not so much but ultimately they just arrive on a quiet day while I’m sitting with a coffee and not drawing or singing.

One of the most satisfying projects I’ve ever done was writing my book ‘Monster-In-Law: and the Rest of Her Rotten Family’ which I co-authored with my mum Judy Davies.
To be honest, she is really the writer in the family, but I’m good at rhymes like this one and lyrics for songs. Small little snippets of stories you could say.
The fun bit is working out how to say what you want, all while making it have a certain rhythm and rhyme to it, without going for the obvious rhyme because otherwise it starts to sound corny ie:
He fell in love, it came from above, like a dove = corny.
Some songwriters can get away with bad rhymes, for example I love that Passenger song ‘Let Her Go’. 
If you feel like a sticky beak, have a listen to the easy rhymes and see what I mean… but it’s still a fantastic song and be warned… it may get stuck in your head.
Anyhoo, I get an enormous amount of pleasure from creating these poems, putting them to music and finding lots of cool footage to create a vibe for them. Sometimes I film the footage myself like in ‘As Summer Wanes’ (Cue the cameo from my dog Ewok) but other times I source most of the footage from free online videos. I get a lot from Pexels.
Then you just have to add the right sinister music and chuck a black and white filter over everything to make it look dark, and BOOM! Dark poem:)
I hope you enjoyed this poem and if you did or have an idea for the next one you’d like me to do, just let me know in the comments below. I’d love to hear what you thought of this.
Nicola xxx



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