Welcome to my mini series on how to phrase for jazz singing. 




Phrasing is part of your overall improvisation technique as a jazz singer.

If soloing is your own intepretation of melody, think of phrasing as the expression you put into those lines; the speed at which you run certain lyrics together, how long you hold back before singing the next note, whether you hold a note for a long time or a short time, etc.

It all adds up to an overall expression, as if you were speaking a poem with feeling.

For singers, phrasing comes into play while you’re singing lyrics and when you’re scatting.

Phrasing can be quite daunting and difficult for beginner singers to grasp, so in this series I’ll give you some ‘tools’ to use which will help you to create a ‘push and pull’ of the melody and add space to some notes while squeezing other notes closer together.

Just use these exercises to get started, then once you’ve gained more of an understanding of the concepts the best thing you can do is to throw out your lessons and develop your own style.

Nicola xx


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