Justin Bieber cover feat. Minky G

Minks came round yesterday so instead of writing another song together we did a version of Justin Bieber’s Love Yourself. We thought our rap section was fully gangsta…..

I was a bit further away from the mic than Minky when we recorded this so here are the rap lyrics we made up….

“Justin Bieber you were dead to me and you were just a flea, that I would never listen to on the way to the zoo,

You told me Baby, Baby, Baby Ooh! and wanted you to go and write some better tunes,

So I turned the dial over to another style and I found a tune that I liked,

But then I realised it wasn’t from another guy, it was yours, it was good, made me feel so fine, yeah why couldn’t you have done it like that all the time?’

Nicola x

Catch more of Minky here:

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Mysterious Woman Nicola Milan
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