Merfolk Cove

Dare to swim in the dark waters of the Cove…

What is this poem about?

A dark poem about mermaids. No pretty seashells and singing songs about traveling to the surface. No…. these mermaids have a more singular line of thought.

Poetry written by Nicola Milan. Video edited by Nicola Milan. Narrated by Judy Davies. 

Merfolk Cove

Down, down down in the deep,

They drag your wretched body to keep.

A token of putrid, rotting flesh,

To place on an old, lost fisherman’s chest.

Adorn your head with a rusty crown,

Lost to the ocean when a ship went down.

And there you’ll stay, but for a time,

Disintegrating, turning to slime.

For those who dare to swim alone,

Down in the dark water of the cove.

They too may share a similar fate,

For that’s where the Merfolk silently wait.

– Nicola Milan

About Merfolk Cove


I wrote this poem as my contribution to #Mermay2021. It’s this thing on Instagram where illustrators all draw a heap of mermaids throughout May (get it…Mer-May)….

I had initially planned on drawing a bunch of cool mermaids myself for my Art Insta Feed but then I lost my beautiful boy Ewok to liver disease and things went dark.

When I’m sad I am incapable of drawing pretty things. My soul feeds on dark art, sad music in sombre keys or dark poems like this one.

To grieve, some people drink, some people get angry, some people cry. I express my grief through the creation of blackly-tinged art, covered in skulls and slime.

I did however, write a beautiful song as a tribute to my gorgeous boy. You can watch it here if you’re up for a tear-jerker.

Nicola xx

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