Merry Christmas!!

Wow has this year flown! As things get hot down here in the Southern Hemisphere, Christmas sneaks up like a cold drink on the lower back at a pool party. You’re just starting to get into summer and spending way too much time down at the beach in the glittering, spectacular ocean that laps upon the shores of Western Australia when BAM! It’s Christmas and you still haven’t done your shopping.

So that’s my mission for tomorrow; I shall be braving the peak hour shopping madness and throwing myself head first into the foray to get my chocolate gifts for this year. I have to wait until the very last minute to buy chocolates for anyone otherwise I end up eating them. I’m sure you understand.

So after one too many Baileys on the rocks I filmed this little Christmas ditty for you. I hope you and your loved ones have a safe and Merry Christmas filled with fun, joy and good music.

Nicola xx

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Mysterious Woman Nicola Milan
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