Short Poems

A collection of some of my dark, funny and quirky poems and rhymes.


A little twitch, a little tug
The corners of my mouth do shrug
I’m here, you’re there
but how to show I kind of care?
Why not lift that shrug a little more
it costs but muscles few
and both will feel the rich reward
if you share a smile or two…
– Nicola Milan.
A poem about bats by Nicola Milan


Stare through the window at the blackened night,
he’s out there somewhere playing twisted games,
hunting for strays and unwary dames.

The papers have warned to stay off the streets,
dare to go out you may end up in strife,
your innards dangling from the end off his knife.

Three, four women now have been found dead,
a most grisly end for those he chose,
each of them split from nave to nose.

So stay in tonight, safely at home,
quieten your thoughts of going out alone.
Stay where it’s warm and lovely my friend,
and save yourself from a rather unhappy end.

-Nicola Milan


Open your mouth my fearful friend and let me see inside,
to all the cracks and bacteria that within do reside. 
I’ll prod and poke and drill a bit, to get the dirt to move,
A small discomfort to endure, for a smile that’s much improved.
-Nicola Milan
A poem about being in a couple by Nicola Milan


Those who wish and see in their mind,
Will surely find,
What they hold in their mind will come true in time.


-Nicola Milan


I close my eyes, I’m sitting, listening to the sounds,
Of all the other beings inhabiting my surrounds.
Once I thought I was, mistakenly by myself,
But the world is full of others plucked from Mother Nature’s shelf.


-Nicola Milan


Writing words that aren’t mine
Speaking truths I don’t believe
Spinning tales I never lived
All all so you would see
me as someone you could love
A place you’d call home
If you took the time to notice then i’d no longer be alone.
With my borrowed ink
My life of lies that I despise
All I wanted was your love but me alone isn’t enough
So down I’ll sink, into my borrowed ink.


-Nicola Milan

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