How to Sing Better Instantly

My Top 5 Hacks

Whether you’re a new singer, or have been at the craft for a while, you will love today’s video. I’ll share five of my best singing hacks which will help you sound INSTANTLY better when you sing. I kid you not, these tricks work a treat and I use them all myself. Enjoy!

Nicola xx


Improve your voice, with as little as 10 minutes practice a day



  • Maintain your voice and keeping your vocal muscles ‘fit’
  • Developing consistent practice habits
  • Getting the most out of a short practice session
  • Learning how to warm up safely, effectively & reducing vocal tension

Video Summary

HACK ONE: Open Your Mouth Wide Enough When You Sing

What happens, when you sing with a barely open mouth two fold; firstly, you distort the sound so it appears muffled and lacks clarity. Secondly, your audience won’t be able to hear the lyrics you’re singing.

Singing with a nice open mouth will help you to create a rounder, clearer sound instantly.

HACK TWO: Drink Enough Water

If you are feeling raspy in the throat and your voice is coming out sounding too breathy, it could just be because you are dehydrated.

As a singer, your body is your instrument and so it makes sense to keep it well lubricated. Make sure to drink a full glass of water before you start singing and top up along the way.

HACK THREE: Don’t Sing The ‘Twiddly Bits’

By ‘Twiddly Bits’ I mean riffs and runs that you can’t nail. If you gloss over the notes and your intonation is sloppy, its just going to sound unpolished and amateurish.

So do yourself a favour and skip the twiddly bits and just sing long beautiful notes instead. You will sound instantly better for it.

HACK FOUR: Breathe In Enough Air When You Sing

Your voice is your instrument and it runs on air. So if you’re not breathing in enough and exhaling sufficiently to support your notes, its like trying to drive a car uphill without enough petrol.

A supported note is a beautiful note, so make sure you breathe in before each phrase.

HACK FIVE: Sing Songs In Your Vocal Range

Everyone has one octave which contains the nicest sounding notes for their voice. For some it may be super clear and angelic high notes, for others it may be a powerful belt voice.

Whatever your ‘Magic Zone’ is (as I like to call it), sing songs that have notes that sit in that range and you’ll be playing to your best strengths from the word go.

Did you like this video?

Please let me know if you found it helpful in the comments below or if you have requests for any future tutorials, music covers or art videos.

Have a fantastic week and speak soon!

Nicola xx

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