Sphynx Hairless Cats. Every Vampire’s Best Friend

Discover the mysterious, hairless feline that is the cat-of-choice for gothic cat lovers everywhere.

Inspired by Kat Von D’s cats; Poe, Piaf and Nietzsche.


I’d never given much thought to hairless cats until I saw them on tattoo artist Kat Von D’s cats on her instagram feed. As a lover of vampires, dragons and other mythical creatures, I was instantly fascinated by these lively, curious and cuddly creatures.

Kat posted a pic of her three cats; Poe, Piaf and Nietzsche positioned so perfectly on a plush red velvet chair that I just HAD to draw them. (Keep scrolling to see the pic-of-inspiration).

While I was at it, I researched the personality traits and history behind the Sphynx Cat breed and came up with some interesting facts and tid bits about this strange, yet alluring feline.

… and the conclusion of my research? Apart from wanting one myself (even though I’m more of a dog person) I think they’d make the perfect Vampire pet. Scroll down for why hairless cats (known as Sphnyx cats) are every Vampire’s best friend.  


Nicola x

Why Sphynx Cats Make the Perfect Vampire Pet


1. They Look The Part

Their leathery looking skin, bat-like ears and glinting large eyes make them the perfect accompaniment to any vampire coven. Despite their sinister appearance, Sphynx cats are known for their affection and almost dog-like personalities. They form deep attachments to their owners and do not like being left alone for long which makes coven-living an ideal environment for this sociable cat.

Photo credit: www.flickr.comphotosulfbjolin8546428010

2. They Can’t Go Out In The Sun

Being devoid of fur means Sphynx cats are heat seeking snuggle bunnies but at the same time need to be protected from sunburn similarly to humans. What else can’t walk in the sun? You guessed, it… Vampires; making Sphynx cats the perfect indoors during the day/ outdoors hunting at night companion for their immortal owners.

3. They Feel Like Bat’s Wings

Sphynx cats look completely hairless but in fact they are not. They have very fine hair across their skin and can have the occassional whisker or two. This makes their skin very smooth and silken to the touch and feels very similar to bat wings. Whether all Vampires can turn into bats is debateable but it does point out yet another commonality amongst the two companions.

Photo Credit: reddit.com/r/photoshopbattles/comments/4fa2vf/psbattle_hairless_cat_yawning/
Photo credit: https://zoolandiya.org/lechenie-koshek/2198ukoly-ot-allergi-dlya-koshek

4. They Are Loyal, Affectionate & Don’t Like Change

Vampires do not change, grow old or die making them perfect for the change-resistant Sphynx. Move your furniture around to follow the latest feng shui trend and you’ll put your poor little Sphynx out of sorts.

5. They Came From A Mutated Gene, Just Like Vampirism

These unique and seriously cool cats look as though they are of an ancient and rare breed, when in fact they are a relatively new cat.  First developed in Canada in the mid-sixties, quite by accident when a kitten (named Prune) was the only one of his litter to be born hairless. The current American and European Sphynx breeds are descended from two lines of natural mutations:

  • Dermis and Epidermis (1975) from the Pearsons of Wadena, Minnesota, US
  • Bambi, Punkie, and Paloma (1978) found in Toronto, Ontario, Canada, and raised by Shirley Smith  (ref Wikipedia)

Mankind intervention, a specific breeding program and several decades later and POOF! You have the Sphynx hairless cat breed.

Drawing Sphynx Cats

Inspired by Kat Von D’s Cats

From the shadows they appear, a feline pack of something queer.  Their skin wrinkled and splattered black, and as you stare three pairs of glinting eyes stare straight back…

– Nicola Milan.

Artwork in progress…

The Inspiration Behind the Illustration

Kat Von D’s cats

Why I Love Kat Von D Makeup

Kat Von D is an american tattoo artist who gained fame on the TV show ‘LA Ink’. Since launching her vegan makeup range in 2008, I have been a dead-set fan. Not only are the makeup products highly pigmented, quality products that last all day but the range is 100% cruelty free and vegan. Kat herself is a vegan and animal rights activist. Her instagram showcases her many creative interests and she has carved a unique niche in the oversaturated makeup industry with clever branding and including a wide variety of crazy, creative colours in her range.

Shop My Kat Von D Favourites

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