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There’s a certain something about Paris isn’t there. You feel it when you know you’re about to visit and you feel a sense of lightness when you stand overlooking the Seine or sit in a cute corner cafe sipping on cafe creme and nibbling on crepes.

Paris is home to so many world renown artists, musicians, dancers, fashionistas and creatives who have challenged the way we think, feel and view life and have been a reflection of the history of the city throughout time.

Even without the Coco Chanels’ and Claude Monets’ of the city’s past, Paris today is ever the lively hub of artisan activity and still pushes the boundaries of the creative. Its not just another bohemian clique either. No, in Paris things are done well. Quality. Exceptional art. Exciting ideas as fresh as the high quality ingredients used in their mouth-wateringly delicious artisan chocolates.

I think its for this reason that I love Paris the most. As a creative myself, I can feel the buzz of creativity in the air and the possibilities and opportunities that lie in wait. Or it could just be that I love the macaroons and pastries and need to give myself an excuse to go there just so I can eat. 😉

Here are a few musings on things to love about Paris.  Nicola xx

Where the Hunchback Dwells…

French Gothic architecture. Elaborate, dark and conjuring a myriad of inspirational thoughts of vampires, demons and of course; the legendary Hunchback of Notre Dame.

Victor Hugo’s timeless novel is just one creative stream of thought to be inspired by the gorgeous Cathedral. You can practically feel the icy fingers of death tickling the collar of your shirt and you wander through the Cathedral’s belly. Goblet of blood anyone?

Oh Macaroon!

Get – in – my – belly.

I had never really tasted macaroons until I went on a chocolate (and macaroon) walking tour of Paris…. and OMG they are to DIE for! I mean, one bite will have you heading towards type II Diabetes but its probably worth it. Macaroons are a myriad of contradictions. You have to carefully fold in air, then beat it out again and did you know that all macaroons are is a mixture of egg whites, sugar and almond flour?

A LOT of sugar.

They then put the colouring in with food dye at the end and the different flavours comes from the filling.

The wine is also a personal favourite. Can you say ‘smooth’?

Impressionist Art and Claude Monet

What can I say but a delicious wash of sumptious color over beautiful scenery from Monet’s Garden. You can spend hours in front of his work soaking in the serenity.

Hidden Secrets Beneath Your Feet…

There is a labyrinth of tunnels beneath Paris and you can explore some in the Catacombs. Walls of the skulls of over six million forgotten souls stare at visitors from their dusty tomb. If you listen closely you might just hear the faint whispers calling… ‘join us. Join us’.


Iconic Structures and Panoramic Views

Hands down one of the best ways to take in all that is Paris is from the top of the Eiffel Tower. Yes the queues are ridiculous, but the views are well worth the wait.


Window shopping and street busker watching in Le Marais

One of my favourite neighbourhoods in Paris is Le Marais. It is arty, bohemian and is littered with pretty shops, unique fashion boutiques and mouth watering patisseries with beautifully done window displays. You could literally spend all day gazing without spending a penny.


I hope you have enjoyed my list of ‘Things To Love About Paris’. I’d love to know what your favourite thing about Paris is in the comments below.

Nicola x

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