Florence, Italy

A Travel Vlog

Gelato, art and wine! Welcome to Italy.


I had about six days to kill inbetween leaving my AirBnB accommodation in London and moving into my new flat. So I figured why not use that time to pop on over to Italy; a mere 2 hour plane trip away.

So there I was, in the land of love, surrounded by cobbled streets and shops brimming with gelato, tiramisu, pizza and the best coffee I’ve ever tasted. I was in heaven.

I really enjoy exploring new cities and I actually stayed in a Monastery of all places! It was fabulously close to everything, super clean, quiet and very reasonably priced for what you get. The rooms are quite simple but had everything you need; private bathroom, bed, wifi… The only thing is that they have a curfew. All good little girlies must be home by 10:30pm or risk being locked out for the night!

Fortunately I was there to eat desserts and visit the local tourist spots rather than check out jazz bars so I figured I’d be home in time each night. 

My six days were truly jam packed and I even took a little side trip to Siena; a medieval town 2hrs by bus from Florence. (NOTE: they say it takes 1.5hrs but don’t be fooled. This is Italy and everything takes longer than promised! They have two buses and the one that says ‘Rapido’ is actually the slow bus…

Nicola xx

I Want To Swing From the Chandelier…

The best part of the Pitti Place, for me, were the elaborate chandeliers.

They cast a Gothic like vibe over the silk furnishings like they were plucked from an Addams Family re-run.

Definitely my kind of decoration.

My Top 4 Travel Tips For Florence, Italy

1. Don’t buy a ‘skip the queue’ ticket for the Uffitzi.

These tickets will cost you double the cost of a regular ticket and I only waited in the line for about 30 minutes.

2. Florence is the city of leather!

If you love quality leather handbags and jackets at a fraction of the price you’d pay at home, then Florence is your city. I paid 160 Euros for a gorgeous, custom made leather jacket (to fit my long, lanky arms) – I’m still waiting for delivery so when it arrives I’ll post the address of the tailor.

Better still, you if you have time, you can take in a photo of a handbag you like and they will make it for you within a few days! You can get a fabulous designer quality handbag for around 70 Euros.

3. Try the Tiramisu!

Its the best. Seriously.

4. Watch out for tourist trap rip-off food places.

You’ll find unscrupulous vendors lurking in shops near all the major tourist attractions. By all means, get a gelato from them BUT make sure you ask the price before ordering otherwise they will try to charge you an ridiculous amount of $$.

An extra tip:

For anyone who is gluten intolerant, Florence may not be the city for you. There is a desperate lack of vegetables and everything is bread. If you want to survive, do a shop at the ‘Mercato Centrale’ which is one of the only places in the city centre where you’ll find decent fruit and vege. Head upstairs to the local food court where you will pay around 1.50 euros for a caffe latte as opposed to up to 3 euros elsewhere.

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