Vocal Coach Reacts – Billie Eilish, No Time To Die


Hands up if you LOVE the new Billie Eilish song ‘No Time To Die?’ *Waves hand enthusiastically in the air*.

Yep… its a good one and Billie delivers it so well that I felt compelled to do one of these ‘Vocal Coach Reacts’ videos… I’ve not done one before because I felt they were a little pointless, so I’ve tried to do mine in a way that points out things that are going on vocally so you can learn from Billie’s performance and maybe add some bits and pieces into your own singing.

Please let me know if you like this kind of video or if you prefer the regular ‘how-to’ tutorials.

If you DO like this video… I was thinking of breaking down some jazz greats and showing you some of the cool jazz techniques they use when they sing. Let me know.

Watch my cover of this song here.

Nicola xx


An intensive 6 week online singing course for beginner jazz and blues singers.


  • Understand how your voice works, and how to get it to do what you want
  • Remove tension so you can sing freely through your registers
  • Develop vocal strength and flexibility to deliver songs with emotion

Video Summary

Watch Your Phrases

Keep your phrases together by watching how much you breathe in between each one. Taking too many breaths can break up a musical line and make it sound fragmented.

Mix It Up

Singing the same way, every time can be boring. Try mixing the way you sing ‘Never see me cry’ and keep it all as one smooth phrase first time, then break it up second time etc…

Watch Your Words

Are you deliberately using slang words or are you singing things with poor pronunciation? Make a choice about how you want to sing your lyrics so its a deliberate technique, not just a bad habit.

Did you like this video? Let me know in the comments below!

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