What is Jazz? (for Singers)

What exactly is it that makes you a jazz singer?

So… what is JAZZ anyway? What does it mean to ‘sound jazzy’? Apart from singing the right songs, how does a singer get that authentic jazz style going? Well my friend, I’ll answer all of that in today’s video for you.

I’ll take you through the 10 characteristics that most jazz singers typically have (hint: it’s not just about having a low, sultry voice and lounging glamorously on a piano). If you can tick most of the things off that I mention in the video below, then you’re well on your way to being all things jazz!

Nicola xx

10 Characteristics of Jazz Singers

  1. You improvise
  2. You can swing
  3. You have good microphone technique
  4. You understand music and know where you are in the tune at all times
  5. You have developed good musical hearing
  6. You understand rhythm and can count the band in
  7. You have a lower voice
  8. You have a wide repertoire of jazz standards from the Great American Jazz Book under your belt
  9. You can understand and interpret sensitive music and make it your own… on the fly
  10. You have developed your own style of phrasing

Did you like this video?

If you found it helpful or have any other jazz singing techniques you’d like to share, leave me a comment below!

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