What is Jazz? (for Singers)


So… what exactly is JAZZ anyway? What does it mean to ‘sound jazzy’? Apart from the songs, how does a singer get that authentic jazz style going? Well my friend, I’ll answer all of that in today’s video for you.

Nicola xx

What ‘jazz’ means for singers.


1. Use a swing feel

2 You need to improvise either by scatting or changing the melody

3. Learn microphone technique to bring out the nuances in your voice

4. Understand, hear and use chord extensions.

5. Embrace the ‘element of surprise’ through phrasing and interacting with the rest of the band on the fly to create art.


Improve your voice, with as little as 10 minutes practice a day.



  • Maintain your voice and keeping your vocal muscles ‘fit’
  • Developing consistent practice habits
  • Getting the most out of a short practice session
  • Learning how to warm up safely, effectively & reducing vocal tension

Did you like this video?

If you found it helpful or have any other song delivery techniques you’d like to share, leave me a comment below!

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