Where The Dark Things Dwell

For those who travel the less trodden path, wildness will inevitably follow….


Where The Dark Things Dwell

A Poem by Nicola Milan


Are you ready for a fright?
Come with me into the night.
I’ll show you places in your mind,
You never thought you’d ever find.
A new world springs before your eyes,
But just the start of your demise.
For once you turn down that path,
There’s no returning, no rebirth.
For none escape the bottomless well,
That’s where you and I, the dark things dwell.

When I was in highschool we were told to create a piece of art based on the theme ‘Windows and Doorways’. And so I painted a picture of angels being dragged through the gates of Hell by the vile monsters and beasts from my nightmares. I remember the feeling of calm that descending over me while I painted away. The turmoil and self deprecation of my teenaged years melted into the oil paint I massaged onto the canvas.

I proudly placed my finished work up on the artroom blackboard and waited for the rest of the class to arrive. One girl I particularly disliked walked in and immediately commented on how disturbing and twisted my picture was. Not realising it was mine, as I sat quietly in the furthest reaches of the room, she went on to exclaim to her friend the blackened type of creature I must be for creating something so sinister.

I smiled to myself. Pleased I had had such an affect on her.

For that is art isn’t it?

Whether you like something or dislike something, if it has stirred up your emotions then the art has done its job.

So go forth my black poppies and create.

Spill your seeds of darkness throughout the world and see what riches grow from whence they land.

Nicola x


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