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Coming up with ideas, structure and lyrics

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More Tips For Songwriting


Whatever influences you, whether it be a tear-jerking movie or a song or in my case, a broken relationship, its always a good idea to brainstorm a bunch of ideas before you sit down at your piano or guitar or computer (or whatever) to write.

Call it a pre-songwriting step but its the best thing you can do to ensure you don’t run out of ideas half way through your song.

If I’m writing about a meaningful topic, I’ll write down the things I want to talk about with my audience, the things that NEED to be said and whether I want to say it from my perspective or from someone else’s.

It helps me to have something to refer back to when I hit a lyric block or I’m letting the groove move me too much away from the original meaning of the song for example.


This is a nifty little time saving trick you can use if you’re stumped for a word that rhymes so you can complete you next line. Sometimes, being given a limited amount of options (ie words that rhyme) helps you come up with the lyrics faster.

One word of the wise however, is to not go too cliche with your rhyming. Sometimes a near-rhyme sounds way better.



The sooner you can give your song a title and work your lyrics around that, the better. Well, when you’re starting out anyway. This will help you think of your title lyrics as a ‘hook’ and should help you place them well in the song.

Having that title also anchors the meaning/ direction of the song somewhat as well. Its really easy to get swamped with ‘too many things to say’ and you can go off course and lose the potency of your single message.


Want to learn to write Super Catchy Songs that sell? Click here to be notified of when my songwriting course opens next.

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