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NOTE: Sorry guys! It wasn’t until a day after this went live that I realised I totally forgot to include tip #5!!! which is ‘Keep it simple’ – Simple things in life are often the best.

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Songwriting Tips



Make sure your song has a solid structure to it (in songwriting speak ‘form’)

Use verses and choruses as building blocks to create flow, enough repetition for the listener to grasp the concepts of the song with, and as guides to show you how much music you need to create.



People need a certain amount of repetition to follow along with. This should be included in not just your song form, but elements within your song like riffs, lyrics or melody.



Don’t forget to throw in a good old Cadence to resolve your songs.  IV – I or a V – I are used in modern music all the time. People like to arrive home.



Including the word ‘you’ makes the audience feel you’re speaking directly to them (in most instances). It creates more of a connection than using ‘he or she’ for example. 


The simple things in life in songwriting are best. Don’t try to get overly complicated with a million chords, too many lyrics packed in or a bunch of riffs that noone can sing along to. Yes it may show off your technical know-how, but noone can sing along to something that’s too fast/ complicated/long and wanky (sorry, but its true). Remember, music is often about the things you leave out.

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