‘Yesterday’ by The Beatles is one of those songs that so many of us resonate with.  Even for those who have been fortunate enough not to have been jilted in love, the song has such a pretty melody its hard not to like it. For me, its one of my all time favourites and so making a music video for my cover version was really exciting.

As I’m right in the middle of recording a new song for you (click here to listen to a bedroom-studio recorded demo) and therefore a little cash strapped, I decided to use what tools I had at my disposal and make the video myself. So armed just with an iPhone, tripod and my trusty friend/ camera-man for the day Lee, we headed down to my local beach at sunset.

I’ve heard photographers and videographers say time and time again how important lighting is and so I decided to use the best lighting the world had to offer; an Australian sunset.

Yesterday music video16

Yes, this is my local beach 🙂

Having secured the most brilliant location in the world (ok I’m a little bias) I  started shouting orders at Lee to shoot me from this and that angle, to not get people walking by in the background… which we managed to do for most of the shots except for the one of me sitting and singing on camera – Damn that cute couple walking happily along the beach! jks 😉 (You’ll see them in the music video)

The aim was to get me looking ‘all wistful’ and staring into the sunset as I contemplate  lost love. It was pretty achievable given the amazing colours of the sky, except Lee kept making me laugh…

Yesterday music video2

And my hair kept blowing in my face…

Yesterday music video

Yesterday music video4

This was all shot about six weeks after I sprained my ankle (reeeeeeally badly). You can see it swollen in this pic:

Yesterday music video5

Once we finished shooting pics of me, I grabbed the camera and filmed  some arty shots of the water which you’ll see in the video. I loved the colours reflected in the water and all the sparkly bits of sunshine!

Yesterday music video14

Then my ‘limo’ arrived and we took off to the local down at Scarborough for a post video shoot hot choccie.

Yesterday music video8

I’ve been telling Lee to get rid of ‘The Beast’ for a while now. It actually groans in protest if someone sits in the passenger seat. Lee assured me it was because I weigh too much!! Pfffff!!!

Once I had all of the bits and pieces of film, I downloaded them to my computer off my iPhone and used a free editing program to piece them all together and PRESTO! Music video!

I think it turned out pretty well considering it cost me nothing but the cost of a hot chocolate for Lee and time. Please let me know what you think in the comments below or tell me which song you would like me to cover next.



Nicola xx




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